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To enrol yourself to the master, you must first complete pre-registration


To enrol yourself to the master, you must have the corresponding accrediting certification (degree, engineer, architect, or diplomed), Spanish or foreign, that gives access to postgraduate or master.


Pre-enrolment period is open during all academic year. 

Documentation needed

  1. Photocopy of the document certifying the identity of the applicant: DNI for applicants with Spanish nationality, identity card issued by the competent authority in the case of the European Union students, or passport for foreign students.
  2. Photocopy of the corresponding accrediting certification (degree, engineer, architect, or diplomed), Spanish or foreign, that gives access to postgraduate or master. You don't need to attach it in the case of having obtained the title in the center where the master or postgraduate is completed.
  3. Brief curriculum vitae, which should include training and professional activity in the field of sound art, in case of exist.
  4. Motivation letter with no more than 3,000 characters (including spaces), explaining the reasons why you want to pursue the postgraduate or master, and the research or artistic production fields where you expect to develop your works.

How to submit the documentation 

By any of the following alternative systems: 

  1. Email to cerda@ub.edu or jmberenguer@ub.edu. If documentation is sent by email, the student must provide in the text of the email if pre-registration must be applied to one of the two postgraduates or to the complete master.
  1. Postal card, or hand delivered card, to Joana Cipriano, to following adress:
  • Facultat de Belles Arts de la Universitat de Barcelona
  • Oficina de Màsters i Postgraus
  • C/ Pau Gargallo, 4
  • Barcelona (España)

Students' selection 

Students will be admitted based on their motivation letter, student records from previous undergraduate, postgraduate or master’s programmes, professional experience, and artistic curriculum. Admitted students will be contacted by the director of the Master Degree about 15 days after the delivery of complete information. 

Onlye students accepted in pre-registration can  start registration.