Josep Cerdà i Ferré

Sculptor and Professor of Sculpture at the University of Barcelona, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the UB between 2001 and 2004, Director of the Sculpture Department between 1995 and 1999, Director of the Department of Visual and Environmental Structure between 1988 and 1991, Director and Coordinator of the research group MESCA (Mestizaje Cultural y Artístico), from the UB’s Division of Human and Social Sciences. He currently coordinates the renowned research group Barcelona Research Art and Creation (BR::AC) at the University of Barcelona. Since 2001, he has directed the Ouroboros-Fbg/UB Environmental Sculpture Workshop in the University of Barcelona’s Innovation Centre. He is Coordinator of the Spanish Deans’ Conference for the European Convergence in Higher Education and an Honorary Academic in the Sant Jordi Royal Catalan Academy of Fine Arts. As a sculptor, he has taken part in 15 individual and 26 collective exhibitions. His work has been exhibited in Tarragona (Contemporary Art Museum, AA Tarragona), Barcelona (Les Punxes Gallery, Aspectos Gallery, DAAZ), Girona (Rosa Pous Gallery, Introit Gallery in Vic), Andorra (Era Bauró Gallery, Riberaygua Gallery), Paris (Mostini Gallery) and Cologne (Paleo Mostini Gallery). He is the author of 10 public sculptures in Barcelona (Zona Franca, Plaça Molina, Port Vell), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Les Escaldes (Andorra) and Amman (Jordan). He is behind the sculptural installations 5.000 kg de gel en bòveda,FET al FAD and Festa Solidaritat. He has participated in art fairs, shows and events, such as New-Art, Mars Art Show in Paris, Eme3 Density CCCBPrimavera del Disseny in BarcelonaCasadecor and the Cologne Art Fair. He has worked on a number of designs, industrial prototypes and sculptures: the Travelling Museum for the Vila-Casas Foundation, numerous sculptures for La Pedrera, Barcelona’s BM Pre-Columbian Museum, Le Club du Telar in Paris and Collserola Park. His work figures among the permanent collections of museums and private collectors, sculptures in the Museum of Modern Art in Tarragona, the Felbinger Collection in Germany, Riberaygua Gallery in Andorra and Cat’art in France. His distinctions include first place at the Tarragona Biennial and the Visual Arts Scholarship from the Generalitat of Catalonia. He has worked as a scenographer on five occasions, most notably for Konic Tr at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, AIET on its American university tour and Mio Cid at the Sitges International Theatre Festival. He has organised and imparted courses and workshops in numerous contemporary art centres, most notably the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, in celebration of the Oteiza exhibit in 2005. He has taken part in the International Sculpture Symposium in Amman (Jordan). Since 2004, he has co-directed, along with architect Andrea Ortega, the Environmental Sculpture Workshop at the Technical Foundation of Catalonia (UPC), which has installed 8 sculptures in Los Molles (Chile). He has produced 32 sculptures for the Collserola Park, a project selected during the European Biennial of Landscape and exhibited at the Milan Triennial, and a route for the visually impaired in La Tossa de Montbui. In collaboration with Enric Ruiz-Geli / Cloud 9, he undertook the artistic research for the Thirst Pavilion’s dome at Expo Zaragoza 2008. He is currently involved in sound installations and sculptural interventions in nature, in creating the Soundscape of Catalonia, commissioned by the Caixa de Catalunya Foundation, and assembling the sound archive for the Generalitat of Catalonia’s Landscape Observatory.