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Admisión Máster Enfermo Critico y Emergencias

Admission form

Access to the Admission form, where the interested applicant completes their personal data, selects the modules that are interested in, and attaches their CV and photograph.

Formulario de admisión

Acceptance of admission

The Master’s management team will assess the Applicant’s curriculum and resolve its acceptance. The Applicant will receive communication by email within a maximum of two weeks, with a link to the Pre-registration Form.


Activating the link that you have received from the Pre-registration Application form, the admitted Applicant completes the data in the application of the University of Barcelona. At the end of the process, the student receives an email from with pre-registration information and procedure number.


At the end of the Application for Pre-registration, or after consulting the Pre-registration through the procedure number, a telematic payment of € 800 is issued (non-refundable, deductible from the registration fee), with which the Applicant obtains the reservation of the Master’s place.

Pre-registration inquiry

Delivery / shipping

Secretaría Máster Enfermo Crítico y Emergencias.
Facultat de Medicina. (Planta -1).
C/Casanova 143, 08036
Barcelona, España.

The pre-registered applicants must send the following information to the Master:

Applicants with Spanish qualifications and EU countries: Photocopy of the National Identity Document or Passport; Certified photocopy of the university degree (on both sides).

Applicants with approved foreign qualifications: Certified photocopy of the Passport; Certified photocopy of the university degree (on both sides); Document accrediting the homologation.

Applicants with non-approved foreign qualifications and Portugal: Certified photocopy of the Passport; authenticated copy (legalized and translated) of the university degree; Authenticated copy (legalized and translated) of the certificate of the courses taken.

Documentation Standard

Enrollment opening

Once the documentation has been validated by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, the pre-registered Applicant receives an email with the registration link. In this enrollment process the student will choose the various modules. After this, an identification number of the Universitat de Barcelona (NIUB) is assigned, and an alphanumeric user code for later access to the MonUB (information and communication space of the University of Barcelona.


Enrollment payment

At the end of the registration process, a telematic payment is issued for the remaining total amount of the academic course enrollment. This amount is not refundable. The student can check his payment status through MonUB.

Check your payment

Master’s student

Once the enrollment is paid, the student can already access the services of the University of Barcelona, and the academic content of the Master through its moodle Virtual Campus platform.

Virtual Campus

Scholarships, grants and payment facilities