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Máster Enfermo Crítico y Emergencias

The Master’s Degree of Critical Illness and Emergencies is an interdisciplinary professional improvement program, aimed at health personnel with an interest in intensive care, emergency and prehospital emergencies. This program, with more than a decade of experience, is adapted to the needs of medicine, nursing and other health professionals who develop their professional activity in the area of ​​severe acute illness. The Master is taught in two sites, the University of Barcelona (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Campus Clínic) and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Faculty of Medicine, La Paz), as well as in various international partner centers.

The program consists of 6 modules (120 ECTS in total) and is carried out in two academic years (full-time modality): The first year is taught Module 1: Theoretical knowledge (30 ECTS) and Module 2: Technical skills (30 ECTS); while the second year is taught Module 3: Simulation and Clinical Safety (15 ECTS), Module 4: Practicum (15 ECTS), Module 5: Advanced Practice (15 ECTS) and Module 6: Final Master’s – Research ( 15 ECTS).

The recipients of this Master’s are: Bachelor’s and Graduates in Nursing, Bachelor’s and Graduates in Medicine * and other degrees in Health Sciences (clinical pharmacologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists …). No previous work experience is required.

Modular structure

Conocimientos Teóricos

M1: Theoretical knowledge

30 ECTS. Face-to-face / Online.

Learning of the theoretical foundations, according to scientific evidence, for the attention to the critically ill and in emergency situations.
Activities in the form of lectures, seminars and discussion of clinical cases are face-to-face and/or, alternatively, by online viewing on demand and telepresence.

Habilidades Técnicas

M2: Technical skills

30 ECTS. Face-to-face.

Acquisition and training of basic and advanced technical skills through practical workshops, with clinical contextualization.
Integrated cases for decision making, with high fidelity mannequins and actors. Prehospital care exercises in specialized facilities.

Simulación Clínica

M3: Clinical Simulation

15 ECTS. Face-to-face.

Train decision-making, communication, leadership and teamwork in a crisis context, through advanced simulation of multidisciplinary teams.
Focus on clinical safety through non-technical skills courses, and reflective learning through debriefing and facilitation.

Competencias Clínicas

M4: Practicum

15 ECTS. Face-to-face.

Poner en práctica en el entorno clínico real los conocimientos y las habilidades adquiridas en los módulos previos, con énfasis en el proceso asistencial.

Rotaciones en cuidados intensivos, urgencias y emergencias prehospitalarias.  De forma optativa, posibilidad de practicum internacional.

Práctica Avanzada

M5: Advanced practice

15 ECTS. Face-to-face.

Conducting courses, in the field of emergencies and the critical sick, accredited by national and international entities (SCCM, AHA, ERC, SEM, SAMUR).
With this the student improves advanced skills, and adjusts his curriculum to his care profile.

Investigación Aplicada

M6: Masters’ thesis

15 ECTS. Face-to-face / Online.

Train critical thinking about clinical practice and available scientific evidence. Search of scientific literature to inform clinical decisions.
Prepare a Final Master’s Project through a research design for the resolution of a clinical or epidemiological problem.

* For Spain, in the case of Graduates in Medicine, the Master does not authorize the practice of Intensive Medicine, nor does it certify to obtain the title of Specialist Physician in Spain (RD 127/1984 and 139/2003). For the rest of the countries, the recognition will depend on the legislation in force in each country.