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Training course

Training course "Forced migrants before the European Court of Human Rights":

University of Barcelona 10-14 July 2017

Participants: 20

Hours: 30, 3 ECTS

FEE: 350€ early bird registration: 320€

Language: English

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 The University of Barcelona offers a training course on forced migrants before the European Course of Human Rights. The course will take place in Barcelona from the 10th to 14th of July 2017 and will provide participants with a solid academic and practical basis on the forced migrants’ human rights protection in international law. The course will offer a unique opportunity to learn from outstanding researchers and professors from different European Universities. In addition, you will discover Barcelona, one of the most vibrant cities in Spain. Professionals in governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as Master and PhD students are highly invited to apply. Completion of at least one year of university education and some experience in human rights law is required.

1)      Monday 10/07/2017: Introduction to International Human Rights Protection Systems

Lecturers: Moya/Milios/Professors University of Barcelona

- UN Covenants and Treaties


- Multilevel protection, classifications of rights and techniques

- Migrant and Refugee specific conventions


2)      Tuesday 11/07/2017: Migrants and Refugees under the ECHR

Lecturers: Participants in the seminar ECHR book


Morning panel- Absolute Rights: Live, torture, forced work and slavery.

-notions and key jurisprudence


Afternoon panel- Qualified Rights: Private and Family life, Freedom of religion and expression.

-notions and key jurisprudence


3)      Wednesday 12/07/2017: Migrants and Refugees under the ECHR II

Lecturers: Participants in the seminar ECHR book

 Morning panel - Discrimination and Social Rights.

-notions and key jurisprudence


Afternoon panel- Freedom of Assembly/Association/Participation.

-notions and key jurisprudence


4)      Thursday 13/07/2017: WORKSHOP

Lecturers: UB

Leading cases, practical exercises and cross-cutting issues (margin of appreciation, positive and negative obligations, territorial and extraterritorial application, interim measures etc.)


5)      Friday 14/07/2017:

Coordinated by David Moya, Georgios Milios and Andrea Romano, professors of the University of Barcelona



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