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Master Oficial en Antropologia i Etnografia Imatge de diagramació
Imatge de diagramació
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Facultat de Geografia i HistÚria
Departament d'Antropologia
Despatx 2008

c / Montalegre, 6 08001 Barcelona

Telèfon: 93 403 75 04
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Horaris d'atenciů:
dilluns, dimarts i dimecres de 9,30 a 14.30
dijous de 9,30 a 14,30 i 15,30 a 20.30
Imatge de diagramació


This Masterís program in Anthropology and Ethnography was designed using features of the Advanced Studies Diploma in the PhD program Social and Cultural Anthropology (awarded a quality mention by the Ministry of Science and Education, MCD 2004-00150), and tailoring the elements of that diploma to the requirements of the European Higher Education Area.

Maintaining the quality of the original diploma, the masterís program offers the student the opportunity to complete studies in Social Anthropology as well as to systematically acquire the knowledge taught in the programís different subject blocks.

In these subject blocks, students examine the causes and contexts of the different social and cultural phenomena present in our complex contemporary world, and the blocks are designed to focus on the meaningful detail of such phenomena by integrating the discipline of ethnography in the study of anthropological theory and methodology. The program aims to offer direct contact with the literature of anthropological analysis and reflection, and enables them to use a system of progressive learning to assimilate concepts, modes of research and theoretical approaches in the field.

The program also provides specialist research training in anthropological theory and method so that students may examine the complexity of relationships, agents and social mediations not only at a local level but also in their global context.

In this sense, one of the central priorities of the program is to integrate teaching and the team research conducted in the Department, in programs at the University of Barcelona and in projects carried out in collaboration with other universities and European research centres. In addition to the classes taught by the UBís departmental teachers, therefore, each year of the program will also feature subjects taught by visiting teachers from other universities.

In accordance with EHEA guidelines, the teaching in this masterís degree has been tailored to favour the development of different lines of research in the Department of Social Anthropology and to provide research initiatives with a forum for debate in which both UB and visiting teachers can participate. Moreover, the program seeks to develop an area of interdisciplinary study through the design of an optional block of subjects comprising different contributions to anthropology in interdisciplinary projects.

The master has 60†ECTS credits.


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