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Imatge de diagramació
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Imatge de diagramació

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The pledge of Pharmacy Practice has to be clearly focused towards quality and excellence of professional practice. This commitment entails the deployment of training programs that are useful tools for the acquisition of new skills that promote continuing improvement of healthcare processes.

Within this context, the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Barcelona has decided topromote the Master of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Care (officially recognized by the European Higher Education Area -EHEA-) with two areas of specialization: one professional specialization that aims to train pharmacy graduates to deal effectively with the safe use of drugs focused in patient care using the acquired cognitive resources; and a research specialization that allows subsequent access to the doctorate (PhD).

To carry out this specialized training program we have outstanding faculty members that prepare students for a future that will bring change to the practice of pharmacy. They facilitate, conduct and promote skill development in areas of healthcare and research by teaching and enabling them to make clinical decisions using the methodology of the clinical case analysis and problem solving based on scientific evidence and professional experience

The experience of interviewing real patients in classroom, and the possibility of participating in patient interviews at the Primary Care Centres (CAP) of the Institut Catalā de la Salut (ICS) promote the acquisition of professional skills such as the evaluation of safe and effective use of drugs used by patients as well as the acquisition of generic skills such as the communication with patients and other health professionals (collaborative practice with physicians and nurses).

Moreover, this Master offers the possibility of internships in community pharmacies that provide services related to disease prevention, health promotion and services oriented towards the safe and effective use of drugs.

These iniciatives are the result of a project of Mejora de la Calidad Docente (MQD) awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya in 2010 and has been consolidated through the signature of cooperation agreements with the Universitat dels Pacients (patient-focused knowledge center), Primary Care Centers (ICS) and the Spanish Society of Community Pharmacy (Sociedad Espaņola de Farmacia Comunitaria - SEFAC).

This Master is officially recognized by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and supported by the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya.


The UB has an internal quality assurance program of the master: the SAIQU (System d'Assegurament Intern of the Qualitat).

In the framework of this system is established that each centre has set up a Committee of quality that it will monitor the implementation, monitoring and improving the set of processes of quality that must be put in place in each teaching. This proposed by the Commission on quality of the Faculty of pharmacy policy and quality objectives of the Center which were adopted by the Board of Faculty of July 16, 2009. This Commission has commissioned to monitor the setting up, monitoring and improvement of the master's programmes attached to the Centre.

The Commission for the coordination of the master annually examines the progression of the master and satisfaction of students through the master's own polling. Later the Committee on the master makes the proposed improvements for the next course, always taking into account the system of internal quality assurance of the UB, both at the Centre.

Many indicators are used to define and propose improvements in the masters.


The students through the Coordinator can make suggestions  regarding  the master.

If it's a serious complaint it will be done through the Secretary of students and teaching by means of a written reasoned and motivated complaint. Within the maximum period of fifteen days the Coordinator must respond in writing of the complaint to the student and arbitrate, if this is the case, the appropriate solution.


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