Imatge de diagramació Imatge de diagramació Imatge de diagramació Imatge de diagramació
Master en Desenvolupament i Innovaciķ d'Aliments Imatge de diagramació
Imatge de diagramació
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Facultat de Farmācia

Francesc Guardiola

Departament de Nutriciķ i Bromatologia
Av. Joan XXIII, s/n
08028 Barcelona
Telèfon: +34 93 402 45 08
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Imatge de diagramació

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This Master’s program is designed to meet the increasing need for innovative and qualified research and development personnel who can direct initiatives of product design in the food industry. Society needs specialists in this area who are able to innovate, to work in multidisciplinary teams and to keep abreast of current developments both in the food industry and in other areas of professional practice such as administration, research and marketing. Successful participants on the course will acquire the foundation in theoretical principles to analyse various procedures comprised in R&D activity and in the food industry, bringing together a whole series of interdisciplinary areas related to the design and development of food products. To cover this wide range and working on the principle that professional quality can only be assured when research personnel participates at satisfactory levels in company activities and when there is active collaboration between universities and the production sector, the course coordinators have ensured that participants will receive the expertise and tuition not only of teachers but of research personnel and different professionals in food design and development. The overall objective of this Master is to offer complementary training to students with basic degree qualifications in such subjects as Biology, Pharmacy, Chemistry and Agricultural Engineering. The specific objectives are the following:

Objectives in the study of theory

  • To acquire a foundation in the study of food components and ingredients and their functional and nutritional properties; to examine the applications of technology in this field and the repercussions of those factors relating to product quality, stability, safety and consumer approval.
  • To acquire an adequate level of study in the language and procedures of multidisciplinary teamwork in such areas of food product development as marketing, finance, commercialisation, management and control.
  • To assimilate the basic principles of R&D project planning and management.
Objectives in skills acquisition
  • To acquire the skills to evaluate various types of scientific and technical information related to food.
  • To be able to plan scientific R&D projects in food production.
  • To develop multidisciplinary teamwork skills.
  • To acquire evaluative and decision-making skills in the global process of launching new products.
  • To be able to offer solutions to common problems arising in the R&D departments of companies in this sector.
Objectives in learning outcomes
  • To train in product research and development with special attention to research training but also developing the skills to work parallel to or within multidisciplinary groups in the food industry.
  • To use the course’s core subjects addressing academic and company research to be prepared for careers in both science and scientific institutions or in industry (the Pathway to Academic Research also prepares participants for doctoral studies).
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