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Master en Desenvolupament i Innovació d'Aliments Imatge de diagramació
Imatge de diagramació
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Facultat de Farmàcia

Francesc Guardiola

Departament de Nutrició i Bromatologia
Av. Joan XXIII, s/n
08028 Barcelona
Telèfon: +34 93 402 45 08
Fax: +34 93 403 59 31
Imatge de diagramació

Access requierements Print

Admission requirements − Official qualifications

In the first instance the only admission requirements are that the applicant should be in possession of one of those qualifications specified by the Master Coordination Committee:

Qualifications required for admission

  • A degree in Food Science and Technology, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmacy or Veterinary Science.
  • A technical degree in Agricultural Engineering, Agronomic Engineering or Chemical Engineering.
  • Other qualifications considered suitable by the Coordination Committee.

Selection procedure

The Coordination Committee shall be responsible for selecting applicants and shall do this according to the selection criteria specified below.

Selection criteria

The Master Coordination Committee shall take the following factors into consideration:

  • The applicant’s academic record (60 %)
  • Curriculum vitae (30 %)
  • The contents of a covering letter outlining the applicant’s reasons for having chosen this Master (10 %)
Should the Coordination Committee consider it necessary, applicants will be called to a personal interview in which their relative merits will be evaluated. Important factors here will be the applicant’s ability to express ideas effectively and demonstrate a certain degree of communicative skill. The applicant’s availability in study hours will also be considered particularly important.

Admitted applicants

After reviewing the criteria outlined above, the Coordination Committee shall reach a decision regarding each applicant and this decision shall only be conditioned by one final consideration: in order to ensure that the lower level of qualification of certain applicants will not disrupt the smooth running of classes during the initial period of the Master, such applicants will also be evaluated on the basis of their basic level of academic preparation at the time of application. Finally, the Committee’s reasoned decision shall be published on the web page and sent to all those applicants having previously requested this service.

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