Imatge de diagramació Imatge de diagramació Imatge de diagramació Imatge de diagramació
Màster universitari: Música com a Art Interdisciplinar Imatge de diagramació
Imatge de diagramació
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Facultat Geografia i Història

Dr. Xosé Aviñoa

Dept. Història de l'Art
Montalegre, 6,5è
08001 Barcelona
Telèfon: +34 93 403 75 73
Fax: +34 93 403 40 56
Imatge de diagramació




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The official Master in Music as an Interdisciplinary Art is part of the reform of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and constitutes the second cycle of the new university reform. The new regular teachings represent formal and official qualification that, moreover, are valid in all countries of the European Union. The degree can also lead to access to a doctoral program, obtaining scholarships and participation in foreign programs and international exchanges. The master programs have an extension of 60 ECTS credits and each credit has a counterpart: between 25 and 30 hours of class and work hours for students.

This Master Program guide students to work and reflect by doing activities and practices in research environment related to music as a cultural phenomenon. Music that is present in numerous activities such as the performing arts (opera and dance), visual arts, literature, thought, the cinema and audiovisual arts, etc. In addition, it focuses on the knowledge of the field of musicological research in order to show the students the different opportunities of development for research and work interests.

Thus, the Master is addressed to students of diverse backgrounds and training. Graduates in history of art, sociology, philology, education, musicology or philosophy, with the necessary additional training in music, as well as music major graduates may enroll to this MA program.

The Master Program is the result of the academic collaboration between the University of Barcelona, the University Rovira i Virgili and the higher music school of Catalonia (Esmuc), and it is developed with the aid of faculty from these three institutions of higher education, faculty of the institution of the Mila and Fontanals Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) in addition to numerous collaborators from different fields of musical activity. The management center of the master is the University of Barcelona, in whose Faculty of Geography and History the enrolment is performed, taking into account that some teaching, practices, and research activities are also being developed in the two other academic institutions.

The MA Program requires the completion of 60 ECTS credits, 45 by attending courses, taking tests and submitting assignments listed in the syllabus, and 15 from a piece of work of research or an internship in an institution. Normally, this academic obligation can be resolved in a single course, but it can also be split into two academic courses enrolling to, at least, 20 credits for each course.



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