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Recerca en Didàctica de la Llengua i la Literatura Imatge de diagramació
Imatge de diagramació
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Imatge de diagramació


The Master in Research in Language and Literature Teaching gathers the experience of the Doctorate in Teaching of Language and Literature and aims at the formation of researchers. These researchers should be capable of analyzing the processes and the teaching-learning relationships which take place in language and literature classes, contributing with criticism and reflection elements to the educative practice, elaborating and applying evaluation tools and resources to the linguistic and literary learning and so on. In short, its objective is to bring up researchers able to make intervention proposals which help overcome the problems that affect linguistic and literary education in today's society.

Given this applied approach, the participation in such a master's degree is an excellent way of improving the formation of the teaching staff at different educative levels and also the best way of facing, directly, the problems and new challenges posed by the current education. Plurilinguism, multiculturalism, simultaneous learning of two or more foreign languages, correction and communicative efficiency of children and youth, reading and writing acquisition, the capacity of communicating through the oral and the written channels in formal contexts, the use of literature or cinema and its educational application as tools of personal growth, the use of information and communication technologies as a learning instrument and so forth. All these topics have been raised by the most worried teachers from schools and high schools themselves and, at the same time, they are the focus of priority attention of this master's degree.

This master constitutes the formation period for the Doctorate in Teaching of Language and Literature Program.

The Master in Research in Language and Literature Teaching has received funding from the Ministry of Education (General Directorate for University Policy, General Secretary of Universities) in the call for aids to the mobility of visiting lecturers in master’s degrees for the academic courses 2008-09 (ref.: MAS2008-00287), 2009-10 (ref.: MAS2009-00629-P), 2010-11 (ref.: MAS2010-00374-P) and 2011-12 (ref. MAS2011-00400-P) .

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