Imatge de diagramació Imatge de diagramació Imatge de diagramació Imatge de diagramació
Master Oficial en Seguretat Alimentāria Imatge de diagramació
Imatge de diagramació
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Imatge de diagramació

Access requierements Print

The requirements for admission are to have any of the official degrees that are specified to access the program.

Degrees of access

Graduates in Science and Food Technology, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Medicine.
Graduates in Human Nutrition and Dietetics.
Chemical engineers, agronomists, agricultural technicians (Agricultural Holdings, Industries and Agriculture and Food and Horticulture Garden).

Other requirements for admission

In addition to the prerequisite of having a degree (see above), the following selection criteries would be valued (ranked in order of priority):

  • CV and candidate training
  • Professional career and plan for the future
  • Language and computer resources.

The assessment would be completed, if necessary, with a personal interview.

To have more details of the selection proces please contact with the Coordinator

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