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Master Oficial en Seguretat Alimentāria Imatge de diagramació
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Imatge de diagramació

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Presentation of the Master in Food Safety




The Oficial Master  in Food Safety is an interuniversity master designed and organized by three entities promoters: the INSA ˇ UB*-Universitat of Barcelona, the Universitat Autōnoma of Barcelona and the Catalan Agency of Food Security. The program is an answer to the increasing interest of the food safety in the current society from all the agents who take part: consumers, food companies and Administration. The safety of the food is a legal exigency and the impact on the population of the problems of the safety lack is very important. 

The program of the Master in Food Safety, the only oficial master in Catalonia in this area and, with this approach, to the rest of Spain, wants to give response to an increasing demand of graduates specializing in tasks related to the food safety, so much in the research area as well as areas of food industry and Administration.

The mission is to give a transverse and wide vision of the different areas of the Food Safety in the area of agriculture and food-processing, complemented with the vertical and more specific vision wihtin the different sectors and levels of the production and the food marketing. 

From a methodological point of view, the Master of Food Safety is a  semi-attendance program, in which plenary lectures by experts are combined with on-line activities . The plenary lectures are  concentrated in 3-4 days a month to facilitate the access to the student who have to make compatible his/her  formation with the development of a labour activity. 

The faculty of this program they are professors and researchers from the Universitat of Barcelona, the Universitat Autōnoma of Barcelona and the Catalonian Agency of Food Safety. Also an out-standing group of professionals from the different sectors of food agro-industry would be participated and they will contribute to give the vertical and sectorial vision of the different topics. 




* Institut de recerca en Nutriciķ i Seguretat Alimentāria (NUTRITION AND FOOD SAFETY RESEARCH INSTITUTE)


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