To train professionals form who will be:

  • Capable of realizing a rational evaluation of the problems that appear in the area of the food safety.
  • Capable of joining multidisciplinary teams of work in public and private companies.
  • Competent in tasks of prevention, detection, evaluation, management, communication and decision making related to the Food Safety. 

This supposes: 

  1. To bring suitable and sufficient knowledge within the topics that the future specialist must use in Food Safety (from the nutrition, the technology, the microbiology or the toxicology up to the areas of management, documentation or legal regulation, among others).
  2. To qualify for the development of the diverse tasks related to the food safety in the different sectors involved in the food production (primary sector and food companies) and in the Administration.
  3. To qualify for the development of specialized  research tasks in food safety. 


The main careers  paths of future specialists in Food Safety are in quality and safety departments of different agri-food business companies, in the administration at different levels (european, state, regional, municipal), in advisory and consulting both private or as in componaies or coorperatives in the differnt productive sectors.