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BWPWAP – Transmediale 2013

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Back When Pluto Was a Planet
29.01. – 03.02., Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

The imaginary, classification, nightmares of participation, dematerialisation, decontextualisation, shifts, alternative temporalities, semantic networks, WFIOTN (We Found It On The Net), appropriation, out of place, textual economies, critical literacies, taxonomy, rematerialisation, language games, recontextualisation , displacement, irritated memories, categorization, invention, user culture, lusers, lamers, prod-users, outsourcing, machine bastards, anachronisms, fictive materialities, reemergence from nowhere, intergalactic fantasies, delocalisation, telework, WHYUWWM (We Hope You Understand What We Mean).

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