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Facultat de Medicina

Secretaria d'Estudiants i Docència

C/ Casanova, 143
08036 Barcelona
Telèfon: 934035251/2
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imatge de maquetació
imatge de maquetació
  Doctorate in “Medicine” Programme

Structure of the Programme

The Doctorate in “Medicine” Programme is structured in a period of training and a period of research. The programme will be monitored to this programme to guarantee its quality.

Training period

The objective of this initial training is to acquire skills in research methodology.

  • Comprehension of the validity and the limitations of scientific methodology.
  • To act according to scientific methodology related to the definition of the problem, the formulation of hypothesis, the selection of the strategy and experimental methodology, the obtaining, evaluation and interpretation of the results and the elaboration of the conclusions.
  • To search for, obtain, organise and interpret biomedical information in the databases and other sources of information.
  • Communicating the results using different means within your reach while being aware of the limitations.
  • To be engaged in a group and interact within the scientific setting.
  • To keep a socially and scientifically ethical attitude.

These competences may be acquired by any of the following ways:

  • Having carried out any (Official) Master's degrees which includes investigation. If the student is interested, the Doctorate in “Medicine” Programme is linked to the following University Masters:

Integrated healthcare to critical and emergency patients
Investigation in clinical sciences
Respiratory medicine
Research in liver diseases
International Health
Donation and transplantation of organs, tissues and cells
Autoimmune diseases
Palliative Care
Translational Medicine
Advanced Medical Skills ( required course for 2011-12 , pending final approval )

  • Students with certificates in medicine who have not previously demonstrated requisites in research (see requisites of admission) will have to have a minimum of 10 ECTS credits in subjects on methodology of investigation included in any of the University masters linked with the Doctorate in “Medicine” Programme before presenting the Thesis Project.
  • The PhD students who have obtained Investigational Sufficiency (DEA) in the doctorate programmes included under the RD 778/1998 and RD 185/1985 are not obligatorily required to undertake educational activities.

Research Period

The period of investigation is centred on the preparation of the doctoral thesis consisting in a scientific study with original research results. To this end, the Doctorate in “Medicine” Programme has numerous lines of investigation in its departments and others linked to IDIBAPS and IDIBELL. During this period the student will also be informed of educational activities and complementary work.

The admission of the thesis project will constitute a commitment to the relationship between the doctorate candidate and his/her director. During the second semester of the first year of the period of investigation, the PhD student will have to present his/her Doctorate Thesis project before an Evaluation Commission. The dedication of the PhD will preferentially be full time which will be obligatory for students with a grant to undertake the third cycle studies.

System of guarantee of quality

To guarantee quality, the Doctorate in “Medicine” Programme will apply the following criteria:

  • Lines of research: The lines of research of the participating professors and investigators will have the support of consolidated research teams or groups with specific economic resources for research.
  • Degrees of the professors and investigational personnel: All the professors and investigational personnel participating in the Doctorate in “Medicine” Programme must have a diploma in medicine.
  • Thesis Director: Each doctorate student must have a thesis director who must be a doctor with accredited research experience in fulfilling some of the following conditions:
    • Belong to a consolidated research group
    • Be a member of a competitive project with economic support
    • Have a live line of research or have five lines of research
    • Have research accreditation or advanced research

    Investigators who do not have consolidated investigational experience and do not fulfil any of the above criteria may co-direct doctoral theses together with an investigator who does fulfil these criteria.

In the case of foreign directors as well as in other exceptional situations, the Commission of the Doctorate in “Medicine” Programme may accept other types of recognition of investigational experience.

  • Educational activities: The Doctorate in “Medicine” Programme will organise courses, seminars and other activities aimed at investigational formation which will be carried out along the whole period of investigation and may be part of the University Masters linked to the Faculty of Medicine.
  • Dedication of the PhD student: The dedication of the PhD student will preferentially be full time which will be obligatory for students who have a grant to carry out the third cycle. Dedication may be part time if the Commission of the Doctorate in “Medicine” Programme so authorises after having evaluated a reasonable application by the PhD student which has the approval of the thesis Director.
  • Registration of the Doctoral Thesis Project:  The project of the thesis must be presented during the second semester of the first year of the investigation period. The thesis project must be presented before a Commission made up of three doctors members of the Doctorate in “Medicine” Programme plus an external evaluator selected among a panel of experts in the field who do not participate in the Doctorate Programme. The acceptance of the thesis project will constitute the commitment of the relationship between the PhD student and his/her director. The Commission of the Doctorate in “Medicine” Programme will ensure effective supervision of the PhD student.
  • Follow up of doctoral theses: On agreement by the Commission of the Doctorate in “Medicine” Programme there will be a Follow Up Commission of the doctoral thesis with these functions:
    • Follow the registration of the thesis during the first year.
    • Perform an annual and final follow up of the thesis, including the most significant advances and results of each thesis project.
    • Assess the PhD student if he/she or the Director of the thesis so request.
  • Evaluation jury of the thesis: For the final evaluation of the thesis, the Commission of the Doctorate in “Medicine” Programme will propose a jury of three members, all with a PhD and with accredited research experience. This accreditation will be made following the same requisites as the figure of the doctorate thesis director, although other types of professional may be considered when deemed necessary. At least one of the examiners must be a member of another university (national or foreign) other than that of the PhD student.
    Survey of the satisfaction of the PhD students: The Doctorate in “Medicine” Programme considers that the degree of satisfaction of the PhD student should also be taken into account to evaluate the quality of teaching. Anonymous questionnaires will be performed to evaluate to what degree the programme and the investigators  implicated in the activity of each PhD student have satisfied the expectations  of the PhD student on registering in the programme.




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