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imatge de maquetació imatge de maquetació imatge de maquetació
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Facultat de Medicina

Secretaria d'Estudiants i Docència

C/ Casanova, 143
08036 Barcelona
Telèfon: 934035251/2
Fax: 934035254

imatge de maquetació
imatge de maquetació
  Doctorate in “Medicine” Programme


The thesis project must be presented to the Monitoring Committee of the PhD program during the first year of enrollment. This Committee will consist of at least three doctors, one of whom willl act as spokesman. If the thesis is not accepted, the Coordination's commission of the doctorate program will decide on the procedure to re-submit the thesis project.


The thesis project must be submitted in the form of research report that needs to include the following sections:

1. Cover (1st page): This page must contain the title of the project (even if it is provisional), candidate's full name, affiliation (department, institute or research center where he/she undertake the research), name of thesis supervisor/s and the tutor if necessary. It also has to be stated the research line to which the research group belongs.

2. Project Summary (2nd page): A maximum length of 250-300 words. This summary must be structured and must include: background on the topic, hypothesis, objectives, methodology and preliminary results (if any) or expected.

3. Introduction: It corresponds to the background of the topic with its current bibliography (whether nominal or numbered). This section will have a length between 1 and 3 pages.

4. Working Hypothesis and Objectives: Both sections should be concise and may reflect the research that will be developed.

5. Methodology: It must be detailed and complete. We recommend to specify the type of study that will be developed, the sample size, experimental designs, data collection, experimental approaches, models in vivo or in vitro (if applicable), statistical processing of the results, etc. We recommend to write no more than 5 pages.

6. Ethical issues: The ethical issues must be stated in the project, including the document of approval from of the Ethics Committee concerned.

7. Results: The previous results, if any, or the expected outcomes must be included (1 page maximum).

8. Bibliographic References: It must be updated and focused on data related to the project. It is recommended to avoid collecting too much bibliography on the subject that is not mentioned in the project. It's needed to follow the Vancouver citation rules (Index Medicus) with a maximum of 20 references.

9. Available resources and working programme, specifying the specific task of the candidate.

10. Research benefits, applicability and validity, will have to be mentioned.


Since the call of february 2016, all students, including those who carried out the DEA (“Certificate of research aptitude”), must do the oral presentation of the thesis project  (according to the agreement from the Academic Comittee of the 10th december 2015)

The core of the act will be the presentation of the thesis project with three members of the Monitoring Committee of the Doctoral Program "Medicina."

The exposure of each piece of research will have a maximum duration of 10 minutes and is done through a Powerpoint slide show during which, the Monitoring Committee can make the relevant questions.

The agreement of the Monitoring Committee on the admission or not thesis project, be communicated to the Coordinating Committee of the Doctoral Program, which will transfer to PhD, the director of the thesis, the thesis advisor, if any, and the secretariat of the Faculty.


The Coordinating Committee of the Doctoral Program "Medicine" has established five yearly periods for the assessment of the thesis project by the Monitoring Committees to be established for each period. In general, the periods are: October, December, February, April and June.

The dates for the submission of the project and members of the Monitoring Committees for each period will be announced well in advance in the section evaluation announcement.


  1. The student will formalize the request for admission of the thesis project by introducing the computer application (you can read the tutorial of the application ) as a single PDF file, the following documents:
    • thesis project report in accordance with the characteristics identified by the Commission Doctorate Program "Medicine."
    • Certificate of the Ethics Committee for
  2. On the other hand, by mail or internal mail will be sent to:

    Secretaria d'Estudiants i Docència
    Facultat de Medicina
    C. Casanova, 143
    08036 BARCELONA

  • document of commitment with original signatures.
  • original or certified copy of academic records attesting the overcoming of the additional training should have been required



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