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Facultat de Medicina

Secretaria d'Estudiants i Docència

C/ Casanova, 143
08036 Barcelona
Telèfon: 934035251/2
Fax: 934035254

imatge de maquetació
imatge de maquetació
  Doctorate in “Medicine” Programme


The objective of the Doctorate in “Medicine” Programme is to train researchers in the different fields of clinical and biomedical research apart from providing competitive, homogeneous, structured and high quality third cycle studies.

The Doctorate Programme in “Medicine” provides multidisciplinary training for university graduates with different degrees and diplomas (Medicine, Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Nursing, etc.), increasing their clinical knowledge and the biological bases of diseases as well as research on its best treatment and recovery strategies.

The following are the specific objectives of the programme:

To know the methods and techniques of clinical investigation related to evidence-based-medicine and epidemiology.

To provide both theoretical and practical training on the different aspects of biomedicine and biotechnology, particularly on the physiopathological mechanisms responsible for disease.

The PhD student will obtain skills in the methodology of research, bioethics and the capacity to make a critical analysis and synthesis of the results achieved.

The PhD students will be qualified for other activities requiring a high scientific level, particularly in education, management, development and innovation.

To increase and promote translational research.

To achieve these objectives, the activity of lecturers and researchers from different departments of the Faculty of Medicine and from different groups of investigation from prestigious institutions such as IDIBAPS and INDIBELL, associated with the University of Barcelona will be closely coordinated. All the groups have contrasted experience in research and education in the field of clinical and applied medicine.

The purpose is that the knowledge and the training acquired during this doctorate program will be useful not only for the development of experimental work related to the doctoral thesis but also interesting for institutions willing to incorporate scientific staff who is competent in clinical, biomedical and public health management.

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