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Facultat de Medicina

Secretaria d'Estudiants i Docència

C/ Casanova, 143
08036 Barcelona
Telèfon: 934035251/2
Fax: 934035254

imatge de maquetació
imatge de maquetació
  “Medicine” Doctorate Program

The incorporation to the Medicine Doctorate Program is determined by the general entrance criteria collected in the current legislation and the admission requirements agreed by the commission of the Medicine Doctorate Program.

To initiate the admission and access procedure you must use the online programme.

Criteria of access

The access conditions collected in the RD 1393/2007 must be fulfilled for being admitted to the Medicine Doctorate Program. The entrance might be achieved when any of the following requirements is fulfilled :

Having obtained a Degree, Diploma or any certificate of an equivalent level and having passed a minimum of 300 ECTS credits through an EHEA bachelor's degree and/or a Master's degree (official master).

The current graduates in Medicine, since their certificate is equivalent to 240 ECTS credits from a Bachelor's Degree, they will have to pass 60 credits from a Master's degree.

The graduates having done the Hospital Residency ( MIR, FIR, PIR, QUIR, after having passed the third training course) and the specialists with EU certificate must pass 60 ECTS credits from a Master's Degree. Nevertheless, students who already take any of the Master's Degree courses from the University of Barcelona linked to the Medicine Doctorate Program will be able to recognize the credits corresponding to their subject area.

It won't be necessary for the future graduates (Bachelor's Degree in Medicine) to have a Master's Degree due to the fact that they will pass 360 ECTS credits. In case of reaching a future agreement on making the Medicine Degree equivalent to the Bachelor's Degree, the former graduates won't need to take a Master's degree to be admitted to the doctorate program.

The research aptitude (DEA – Diploma of Advanced Studies-) obtained by achieving the PhD programmes under the RD 778/1998 and RD 185/1985. In case of having registered the doctoral thesis, the presentation of the project thesis won't be necessary.

If the student possess a foreign degree, it should be necessary to prove that the certificate has an equivalent training level to the corresponding Spanish master's degrees and that it allows, in the country where it has been issued, to gain admittance to PhD/doctorate studies. Moreover, an authorization from the School of Doctorate of the University of Barcelona will be needed, by handing an application in the Secretary of Students and Teaching of the Faculty of Medicine. This application must be addressed to the School of Doctorate and attached to the original degree's diploma or an official copy, with a photocopy that will be certified, and the academic qualifications certificate of the courses taken. You will be able to check the procedures for legalization and translation in the website:

Requirements of admission

To be admitted in the Medicine Doctorate program, the student have to fulfil the entrance criteria, to have the acceptance from a thesis supervisor (and, also, from a tutor if the supervisor isn't linked to the program), to be involved in one of the research lines form the Doctorate Program and finally the approval of the Director from de Department or Research Group to which the Thesis Supervisor is linked (also, from the tutor if necessary), and the Doctorate Program's Coordinator.

When the PhD Student asks for an external supervisor (form outside the Medicine Doctorate Program) who hasn't been previously accepted (check the accepted external supervisors), an authorization from the Program's Commission The external supervisor must fulfil the established requirements to become an accredited reasearcher. Anyway, if he/she is not integrated in the medicine doctorate program, it will be needed to have an accredited codirector or supervisor integrated in the program.

For the graduates in Medicine who haven't taken any Master's Degree, the Medicine Doctorate Program`s Commission sets that the applicants should prove any of the following competences in research methodology:

  • To have completed 10 ECTS credits or 100 hours of study in the field of research methodology within the last two years.
  • At least, on year experience in research in an official centre.
  • Member of a competitive project
  • To have published an original article as a first or second author in a journal/magazine placed at least in the two first quartiles of their subject area over the past five years .

In case of not satisfying any of these competences, the students should attend, before the presentation of the doctoral thesis, the complementary and specific training courses the Medicine Doctorate Program's Commission may consider necessary.



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