About us

We’re a group of professionals working in ICUs and Emergencies, who belong to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Barcelona, System of Medical Emergencies of Catalonia and the Institut Universitari Parc Taulí, and in 2005 we discovered the need for more comprehensive training in those competencies necessary for critical care and emergencies.

Traditionally, the training of doctors and nurses is carried out in a differentiated way when working together in the clinical practice. We believe that the interaction between these two professional groups is essential for the survival of the patient, so from the very beginning we opted for a multidisciplinary Master’s Degree, incorporating the different professionals who care for the patient. In addition, we believe that professional development also involves acquiring research tools to be able to contribute to scientific progress in this field of knowledge.

Over the years, the programs included in Education program for critical care and emergency medicine (PIMCE) have undergone continuous adaptation to the needs of the students, with continuous innovation in the teaching methodology, incorporating advanced simulation technologies. In parallel, Spanish and international institutions have been incorporated, particularly the Autonomous University of Madrid. As of today, more than 3,200 students have been trained in the different programs, one third of them being international, achieving a pass rate of 95%.

Founders and Program Management

Josep M. Nicolás Arfelis

Specialist in Internal Medicine and Intensive Medicine, PhD. Director of the Institute of Medicine and Dermatology, Hospital Clínic of Barcelona. Full Professor of Medicine, University of Barcelona

Javier Ruiz Moreno

Specialist in Intensive Medicine, PhD. Emergency Coordination, Hospital Universitari Sagrat Cor de Barcelona. Associate Professor, University of Barcelona

Miquel Sanz Moncusí

Master’s Degree in Nursing. Nursing Coordinator, Digestive Intensive Care Unit, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. Associate Professor, University of Barcelona

Xavier Jiménez Fàbrega

Specialist in Family and Community Medicine, PhD. Research and Development Director, Sistema d’Emergències Mèdiques de Catalunya. Associate Professor, University of Barcelona

Gemma Martínez Estalella

Master’s Degree in Nursing. Director of Nursing, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. Associate Professor, University of Barcelona

Vision, Mission and Values

Strategic Vision

In accordance with its almost 15 years of teaching experience, its media, its strategy of growth and consolidation, the professionals that integrate it and, above all, the identification of student needs, PIMCE as an organization wants to be an example in the training of professionals and researchers of critical patients and emergencies, locally, at European level and encompassing other communities such as Iberoamerica and emerging countries.


As an international educational organization, PIMCE’s mission is to train professionals with the commitment that they can offer greater added value to the community after acquiring certain skills. PIMCE’s mission is the development of researchers and specific training in healthcare quality. Excellence in training and attention to the specific needs of these professionals are a source of PIMCE differentiation.


The values of PIMCE are based on the conviction that welfare organizations are a service made up of people who care for other people. These values were inculcated and fostered by their founders, grounded and reinforced by teachers and collaborators. They include orthodoxy in the teaching contents, professionalism in training, the search for a trusting relationship between student and facilitator, and the consideration of social responsibility.

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