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Master in Translational Medicine
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Faculty of Medicine (School of Medicine) C/Casanova 143, 08036 Barcelona

Phone Number: 93 4035250

Master Secretariat (Centre Esther Koplowitz) C/Rosselló 153

Phone Number: 93 3129499

e-mail: traslacional@ub.edu


Learning objectives

The main objective of this MSc is to train future researchers in translational medicine by providing the basis for a comprehensive understanding of new cutting-edge technologies and discoveries in biological sciences and molecular medicine.

This master's degree provides in-depth and complementary training to graduates in medicine, biomedicine, pharmacy, biology, biotechnology and other health-related fields, by providing the students with skills in applied research areas such as the study of the pathological mechanism underlying human diseases, development of therapeutic strategies, as well as insight into legal issues related to translational research.

Is this the right Master program for you?

  • Is your main goal to understand the transition from discoveries to applicability in human diseases?

  • Are you interested in understanding the cause of human diseases?

  • Are you fascinated by the idea of developing new strategies to improve the wellbeing of patients?

  • Do you plan to dedicate your career to translational research, that is, the application of knowledge from bench to bedside?

If your answer is YES, then this Master is what you are looking for!


Future career perspective

Given the interdisciplinary training program implemented in this Master, graduate students gain the adequate profile to continue their research training with a wide range of related PhD programs, or access different job opportunities in pharmaceutical and medical industries.


Graduates are expected to have earned the adequate scientific training which allows them to become independent researchers with critical thinking abilities to address specific scientific questions. Earned cross-disciplinary skills and competences include:

  • Understand how to translate research discoveries to the clinical setting.

  • Understand the basic, clinical and therapeutic principles of different pathologies.

  • Become familiar with advances in biomedical research and learn the necessary tools to access ongoing training.

  • Know how to properly formulate hypotheses and research objectives.

  • Be able to design potentially applicable research projects.

  • Ability to interact with professionals in other medical fields in order to design and implement novel strategies in patient management.

  • Design research studies on new predictive, prognostic, diagnostic or pharmacodynamics biomarkers.

  • Learn how to disseminate research results (scientific communications, audiovisual tools, social networking, and scientific databases).

  • To be capable of identifying problems of public health, to design epidemiological studies and to interpret the results.

  • Understanding of the bioethical and legal principles of research in the field of translational medicine.



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