B.A. in History

The BA in History is designed to train students interested in academic or professional work in the area of history, according to Bologna requirements and in compliance with the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

The Department of Medieval History, Palaeography and Diplomatics is involved in teaching several courses of this degree programme: basic courses such as IT Resources and Quantitative Methods for Historians, Gender and History, Historical Sources, and Palaeography and Diplomatics , compulsory courses such as History of the European Culture and Institutions, Medieval History, Spanish Medieval History, and Catalan Medieval History and optional courses such as Byzantium and the Islam, City and Countryside in the Middle Ages, Palaeographical study of sources from the Crown of Aragon, Culture and mentalities in the Middle Ages. The gradual implementation of these courses throughout the programme helps students to acknowledge the complexity of the Middle Ages.

The Department offers the students the possibility to visit archives, libraries and archaeological sites to complement their training.

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