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The first Chair in Microbiology to be founded in Spain’s science faculties was established at the University of Barcelona in 1963. From the outset it adopted a different approach to the study of microbiology as it was then being practised in the country’s faculties of medicine, pharmacy and veterinary medicine. In Barcelona, the Chair provided the first global overview of microorga­nisms for the whole field of biology, focusing especially on the extraordinary advances being made in biochemistry and genetics. In taking this step, it was in fact introducing a process that had recently been initiated in those countries at the forefront of world science.

Dr. Ramon Parés was appointed to the new Chair in Microbiology at the University of Barcelona in 1964. This appointment was to mark the beginning of the history of what would later become the Department of Microbiology in the Faculty of Biology, founded four years later in 1968.

Resources were scarce until the end of the 1960s yet, nevertheless, a strong team of researchers was built up in the disciplines of the physiology and genetics of bacteria. From the beginning of the 1970s, the Department began to take its place alongside similar university departments in other countries. Strong ties were forged in the international arena and its staff was able to take up training positions in biology departments abroad. In the 1980s, with the move to the new Biology Faculty building, and soon after with the introduction of the new national law of science, the Department was able to establish itself on an equal footing with the departments of microbiology at other European and American universities, in terms of both its research and research results. More recently, with the creation of the “European Higher Education Area”, the Department has consolidated its teaching with five degree courses, nine Master’s programmes and a PhD programme of recognised excellence.

Today the Department of Microbiology at the University of Barcelona undertakes both basic and applied research, primarily in the fields of bacteriology and virology. The diversity of these research programs is undoubtedly one of the Department’s strengths, enabling it to tackle some of the main challenges facing microbiology in the present century.

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