Can I make different types of mobility in an academic year?

It is recommended to select a type of mobility for your exchange. However if the mobilities are not the same type, or in the same semester you can perform different exchanges in the same academic year.  This means, that you could for example, make an ERASMUS stay in first semester and general agreement stay for the second .


If I already made ​​a stay of mobility within the Erasmus program, Can I request an ERASMUS exchange again?

If you have already made ​​an exchange within the Erasmus program, you can make another stay, but without receiving any type of financial aid.


If I already made ​​a stay of mobility, can I request another?

Yes, you can do it. It is recommended, not apply for the same type of mobility conducted.


If I make an exchange only for a semester, and I want to stay one more, I can do it?

You only you can perform an extension of stay during the same academic year. See section extension of stay for further information.


If the UB gives me a mobility place, does this mean that the foreign university has accepted me?

No, you must inform about the formalities of acceptance for exchange students at the foreign university. If you have doubts about this, contact the ORI.