When you finish your stay

When you finish your stay you must deliver a series of documentation that varies according to the type of mobility you make.

In all cases you must deliver the transcript with your grades in original to the ORI of the faculty in order to make the validation of subjects.



Once finished your stay, you have a term of 20 days to submit the following documents to OMPI  or ORI:

-Certificate of stay: you can download directly from SOP and should be delivered in the original. It must be signed and sealed by the foreign university, keep in mind that there can be no more than 7 days between the last day of your stay and the document signature.

Student-end Report: downloaded directly from SOP, you must fill it out and sign it.

– Lerning Agreement: It should be delivered in the original with the signature and stamp of the UB and foreign University.

Once you deliver these documents, the SOP generate two new documents that you must be delivered in original, in the ORI or OMPI.

-Amendment to grant student mobility Contract: document in which the total calculation of the ERASMUS helps is reflected. You will need to print two copies, sign and deliver at OMPI or ORI.

-Receipt: reflecting the final settlement between the original contract and the amendment. You must print the document, sign it and return it to the ORI or OMPI.



For students performing mobility in general, specific or CINDA agreements, after completion of your stay, must provide transcript to ORI and document certifying the start and end dates of the exchange with the original signature and stamp of the foreign university.