Individual application

The individual application is a type of mobility that is conceived for students who want a stay at a foreign university with which the University of Barcelona have no agreement.

In this case the student must apply individually and personally to all procedures established by the foreign university to be accepted as an exchange student.

The ORI of the Faculty of Geography and History will help the student, but it is understood that it is the responsibility of the student to perform the procedures.

To accept your request for individual exchange, you must submit:

-Letter of acceptance from the foreign university.

-Document of academic equivalence.

All documents must be delivered to the Office of International Relations of the Center.

The student must enroll as an exchange student, prior approval from their document of academic equivalence and must pay tuition fees established at the University of Barcelona.

If your application is approved the recognition of credits and subject conducted at the foreign university is guaranteed.

The student will be responsible for all the expenses incurred to make the exchange.