Summer Talks in Model Theory at Barcelona
16 July 2012

A special day of talks at the IMUB with the participation of Amador Martín Pizarro (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1), Anand Pillay (University of Leeds), Katrin Tent (Universität Münster), and Frank O. Wagner (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1). This event is organized by the Barcelona Research Group on Model Theory and Applications (MTM 2011-26840) and the Group of Logic (2009SGR187).
For further information contact Enrique Casanovas or Daniel Palacín.

The meeting will take place at the IMUB.
12:30 Anand Pillay, Some model theory of SL(2,R)
13:35 Lunch
15:30 Katrin Tent, Ampleness in the Free Group
16:35 Frank O. Wagner, Plus Ultra
17:40 Coffee Break
18:10 Amador Martín Pizarro, On Variants of CM-triviality