Winter Talks in Model Theory at the UB, January 2006

Short series of talks organized at the IMUB on the occasion of the visit of Anand Pillay (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and University of Leeds) and Bruno Poizat (Université Lyon 1). It is an event organized in the frame of MODNET, the FP6 Marie Curie Training Network in Model Theory and its Applications. The talks will take place at the IMUB and the attendance is free. For further information contact Enrique Casanovas.

Tuesday, January 17
10:00 Problem Session
Wednesday, January 18
10:00 Bruno Poizat, Fondements de la logique positive
11:30 Anand Pillay, Compact domination
Thursday, January 19
10:00 Bruno Poizat, Univers et univers positifs
11:30 Anand Pillay, Forking in the free group
January 16, 2006