Here you can find the program of MS7 (.pdf) available for download. Notice that this is the final version with chairs included. You can also download the Book of Abstracts of the conference here.



Carl Hoefer, University of Barcelona (Chair);

Otavio Bueno, University of Miami;

Antonio Diéguez, University of Málaga;

Mathias Frisch, University of Maryland;

Axel Gelfert, National University of Singapore;

Paul Humphreys, University of Virginia;

Cyrille Imbert, University of Lorraine;

Elisabeth Lloyd, Indiana University, Bloomington;

Pablo Lorenzano, Quilmes National University, Buenos Aires;

Uskali Mäki, University of Helsinki;

Margaret Morrison, University of Toronto;

Wendy Parker, Durham University;

Alexander Reutlinger, LMU Univ. Munich;

Mauricio Suárez, Complutense University;

Adam Toon, University of Exeter;

Marion Vorms, University of Paris;

Eric Winsberg, University of South Florida.