Actually we are working in the following projects:

  1. Cerebral substrate of developmental amnesia: a MRI approach

  1. Neuropsychologic and morphological differences of the brain between pure developmental dyscalculia and with comorbid dyslexia

  1. Cognitive and behavioral profile on nonverbal learning disability (NLD), and magnetic resonance imaging evaluation of its neural basis

  1. Cerebral plasticity induced by intensive phonological remediation in children with reading difficulties. A MRI study

  1. Cerebral plasticity induced by intensive remediation in children with mathematical difficulties. A MRI study

  1. Development of digital learning systems of mathematics

  1. Study of neural basis of gifted children using neuropsychological and neuroimaging data. GIFT.

Neurodevelopmental MRI research

Our focus of interest is centered in understanding cerebral development. We use a multidisciplinary approach, by combining medical, neuropsychological and magnetic resonance imaging data.

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