Professional development of beginner teachers: impacts of the action of pedagogical coordination.

Áreas de Observación Asesoramiento y Acompañamiento Pedagógico, Educación Primaria, Educación Primaria, Organización, Gestión y Dirección de Centros, Profesionalización Docente, Profesorado | Tipología | Sin Comentarios | a 22 julio

de Oliveira Gomes, S. (2020). Professional development of beginner teachers: impacts of the action of pedagogical coordination. Education in Perspective, 11. 1-16.


To consider the process of teacher professional development is relevant to the reflections on beginner teachers. However, in relation to this process, the performance of school pedagogical coordination with these teachers is still poorly analyzed. This article aims to analyze the implications of the pedagogical coordination`s actions in the development of two beginner teachers. A qualitative study was performed with beginner teachers who were indicated by school managers (pedagogical coordinators and principals). Field data was collected through observation and interviews, and the qualitative analysis of the data was performed according to Bogdan e Biklen (1994). The study revealed that the pedagogical coordination impacted the teachers’ professional development: one of them received a structured support that little favored the construction of autonomy and professional knowledge; the other experienced a feeling of loneliness and doubts, but also, together with a pedagogic coordinator, she experienced the perception of her own weaknesses and the need for change in the teaching process. Understanding these actions may favor the emergence of other actions that better contribute to the teacher professional development.

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