The Research-Teaching Nexus and Its Influence on Student Learning.

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Gros, B., Viader, M., Cornet, A., Martínez, M., Palés, J. y Sancho, M. (2020). The Research-Teaching Nexus and Its Influence on Student Learning. International Journal of Higher Education, 9(3), pp.109-119.



The relationship between teaching and research in universities has been widely studied in the higher education literature, but no clear relationship between the two has been identified. Nevertheless, in recent years, research has been linked to a form of teaching that is more focused on the development of competences and learning capacity through enquiry and the generation of new knowledge. In this context, it is important for teachers and students to work together on the design of shared spaces for research and learning. This work examines the case of the University of Barcelona to analyse whether there is enough connection between research and teaching to allow students to experience this link and to successfully develop research competences. Teaching plans of the academic year 2018-19 were screened to identify research-related competences, the modules they appear in, and the descriptions of the evaluation systems. This information was compared to the students’ perceptions of the actual training they had received on these research competences. Results showed that teaching plans establish numerous competences related to research and generating new knowledge. However, students consider that this knowledge is not developed until the final year project.

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