Research workshops are held every semester on the Torribera Food and Nutrition Campus of the University of Barcelona. At these events, national and international researchers bring the academic community up-to-date on how their research projects are progressing. Workshops serve as a forum for scientific discussion, facilitating dissemination of knowledge and the scientific output of researchers. The general public and external researchers can also take part and  share their knowledge with the aim of better  understanding contemporary eating behaviours.

Memoria Research Workshops 2012-2019

Latest research workshop: December 16, 2019. PROGRAM / POSTER.

Next research workshop: October 26, 2020. PROGRAM/POSTER.


Supervision of doctoral and master’s theses related to food and health.

PhD thesis since 2010.

Master Degree thesis since 2015.

Participation in:

UB’s Doctorate in Society and Culture, since 2008.

UB’s Doctorate in Food Science and Nutrition, since 2008.

UB’s Master degree in Anthropology and Ethnography, since 2010.

CETT’s Master degree in Touristic Management of the Culinary and Gastronomic Heritage, since 2012.

Master degree in Mediterranean diet: food, health and nutritional gastronomy by Torribera Mediterranean Center of UB, since 2019.

Master degree in Food and Health by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), since 2020.

ODELA also provides academic training for different Universities bachelor’s degree programmes in:

Social Anthropology by the UB, since 1988.

Human Nutrition and Dietetics by the UB, since 2012.

Food Science and Technology by the UB, since 2012.

Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences by the UB, since 2012.

Human Nutrition and Dietetis and Physiotherapy (double bachelor) by the University of Lleida, since 2017.

Training courses “Mediterranean polítics, food and culture program” by the UCEAC (University of California), since 2015.

University of the Experience, by the Torribera Food Campus of the UB, since 2015.

Technical visits: “Food, Food Sovereignty and Security”, by the Verakis Foundation, since 2019. Next edition: June 2020.  (POSTPONED).

Training course: “Consumption and food choice: research, challenges and monitoring”, by the Verakis Foundation, since 2019. Next edition: January 2020. (POSTPONED)

I Workshop Food: advances and controversies, by the Verakis Foundation, since 2020.


Researchers with dfferent levels of studies and professional performs stays at ODELA. Since 2009, we have received more than 45 people from countries like Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Hungary or Uuruguay.


ODELA organizes an international conference every three years. Five conferences have been held to date. The most recent, held in 2019: Food heritage, tourism and sustainability. The minutes can be consulted (spanish).