The 5th edition of the International Congress of the Observatorio de la Alimentación (University of Barcelona) and Fundación Alícia is entitled “Food Heritage, Tourism and Sustainability”, and will take place in Barcelona on June 19, 21 and 21, 2019.

The present edition of the Congress will address food heritage in its relationship with tourism and sustainability. Food heritage, like heritage in general, has been considered both a socio-cultural construction ̶ which can symbolically represent an identity ̶ and an added-value industry. The political-cultural logic emerges from the desire to recover cultural elements which, having disappeared or being in the process of disappearing, are considered an expression of identity. The commercial logic, on the other hand, tends towards appropriating as part of “heritage” anything that can be turned into a commodity, either because of its dimension as entertainment or as an object of consumption.

The success of this food-as-heritage construct raises some specific concerns related to the production sector and its short-, medium- and long-term sustainability, in terms of its impact on the land and landscape, resources, activities, profits, and even local, regional and state-level food policies.

Given the possibilities for comparison offered by the international dimension of this Conference, the questions below are proposed as an invitation to participate and contribute answers based on our own diversity of experiences, countries, approaches, problems, types of involvement, responsibilities, etc.

  • Suggestions, strategies and reflections on food heritage.
  • Agrarian landscapes and local products as tourism resources.
  • Sustainable tourism and food heritage.
  • Sustainability and food planning policies.
  • Gender and food heritage.
  • Gastronomy, restaurants and markets.
  • Social movements, food sovereignty and food heritage.
  • Knowledge, beliefs and practices of local cuisines.
  • Patrimonialization, beliefs and food particularities of a religious nature.
  • Inequalities and conflicts in food heritage strategies.
  • Health values ​​as a resource in food heritage strategies.
  • Museums and food heritage.
  • Dissemination of the food heritage and the role of the media in its promotion.
  • Food heritage in the agro-industrial sector.
  • Food heritage and migration.
  • History and literature in food heritage processes.



Pau Alcover
Arantza Begueria
Mariona Castellví
Dr. Jesús Contreras
Montse Fàbregas
Dr. Jordi Gascón
Dra. Cristina Larrea
Toni Massanés
Dr. Francisco Xavier Medina

Patrícia Messa
Dra. Margalida Mulet
Dra. Araceli Muñoz

Dr. Miguel Picanço
Dra. Maria Clara Prata Gaspar
Dr. Joan Ribas
Dra. Elena Roura
Marta Ruiz
Dra. Úrsula Verthein


Dra. Isabel Álvarez (Universidad San Martin de Porres, Perú)
Dra. Sílvia Aulet (Universitat de Girona, Catalunya)
Dra. Sara Back-Geller (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México)
Dra. Miriam Bertran (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Xochimilco, México)
Dr. Oriol Bertran (Universitat de Barcelona, Catalunya)
Dra. Jacinthe Béssiere (Université de Toulouse – Jean-Jaurès, Francia)
Loïc Bienassis (IEHCA, Francia)
Dr. Josep Boatella (Universitat de Barcelona, Catalunya)
Dra. Antonella Campanini (Università di Scienze Gastronomiche di Pollenzo, Italia)
Damien Conaré (Chaire UNESCO Alimentations du Monde, Francia)
Dr. Ferran Estrada (Universitat de Barcelona, Catalunya)
Dr. Julien Frayssignes (Ecole d'Ingénieurs de Purpan, Francia)
Dr. Joan Frigolé (Universitat de Barcelona, Catalunya)
Dr. Jordi Gascón (Universitat de Lleida, Catalunya)

Dra. Isabel González Turmo (Universidad de Sevilla, España)
Dra. Cristina Larrea Killinger (Universitat de Barcelona, Catalunya)
Dra. Maria Eunice Maciel (Universidade federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil)
Dra. Camila del Mármol (Universitat de Barcelona, Catalunya)
Toni Massanés (Fundació Alicia, Catalunya) – Dr. Francisco Xavier Medina (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Catalunya)
Dra. Sonia Montecino (Universidad de Chile, Chile) – Dra. Myriam Paredes (Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales – Sede Quito, Ecuador)
Emma Pla (Escuela de Hostelería y Turismo CETT – Universitat de Barcelona, Catalunya)
Dra. Nika Razpotnik Viskovic (Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Eslovenia)
Dr. Joan Ribas (Fundació Alicia / Universitat de Barcelona, Catalunya)
Dr. Agustín Santana (Universidad de La Laguna, España)
Dr. Cristian Terry (University of Lausanne, Suiza)
Dr. Jordi Tresserras Juan (Universitat de Barcelona, Catalunya)



October 31, 2018

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November 15, 2018

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Publication: Some journals have expressed interest in publishing some communications presented in the Congress. They will be pre-selected according to excellence criteria. The journals are: Revista Pasos, Quaderns-e of the Catalan Institute of Anthropology (ICA), Revista de Alimentación y Cultura (RACA), Anthropology of Food y Journal of Gastronomy and Tourism.

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