ARIADNE, the European e-infrastructure for FAIR digital archaeology

ARIADNE, the European e-infrastructure for FAIR digital archaeology

Franco Niccolucci

Università di Firenze


ARIADNE, an Integrating Activity putting together national infrastructures and aggregating their archaeological datasets started in 2013, has created a registry of about 2,000,000 million datasets, searchable according to place, time, content and other characteristics. With this, it overcomes the fragmentation of archaeological datasets and bypasses the national orders that create unnatural divisions among similar data. A continuation is planned in ARIADNEplus, aiming at creating an EOSC-compliant archaeological data cloud with interlinked and interoperable datasets and advanced services available in virtual research environments. With the participation of all European countries in this effort, including all

Academies of Sciences, the most relevant national research institutions like CNR and CNRS, and several ministries in charge of archaeological data, and the support of professional associations such as EAA and EAC, ARIADNEplus will enable European archaeology to move into data-centric research, creating a research model already attracting the interest all over the world with the participation of institutions from USA, Mexico, Argentina, Japan and more. With its action, ARIADNE is supporting the implementation of the FAIR principles in digital archaeology.

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