Neighborhood water


L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. Collblanc – La Torrassa neighborhood.

January-June 2019.


You open the tap and water runs fresh. Yes, so obvious… But also, what a privilege! The access to drinking water is a basic human right recognized by the UN since 2010, even though in the world there are still more than 850 million people without a decent supply. Water is a basic and essential natural resource. We use it to drink, to take a shower, to cook, to water our plants, and to feed ourselves … but what if one day we wake up and there is no water?


The Aigua de Barri project was created as a proposal of the Museu de les Aigües and with the active participation of Ítaca, an organization in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat dedicated to the education in leisure of children and young people in the neighborhood. The project aims to ponder on the use made of water and the value given to it at a social and collective level.


Aigua de Barri is structured in eight sessions, during which the whole project is created and executed jointly, from the definition of the scope of study to its achievement and analysis of the data obtained. The first four sessions are devoted to designing the method and defining a basic question with which the whole experiment deals: How would you react if you woke up and did not have water? This topic is used to prepare a survey and a game that are carried on the street during the fifth session. Throughout a whole day, 126 residents of the neighborhood participate in the game and in groups of 6, they respond to a series of questions that directly imply their vision and awareness of water as a necessary and vital resource. To encourage participation, the game offers discount vouchers for local businesses, thanks to the collaboration of AMPAs Endavant.


The last sessions have the collaboration of graphic recorder Carlotta Cataldi, who helps translate the obtained data into a visual and attractive language. The interpretation of this data is done with a card game, a fun and entertaining way to bring the scientific method to the young people of the association. The last two sessions are focused on copying the whole process and the data obtained in a large mural that is also done collaboratively. The mural remains displayed in the Biblioteca Josep Janés (a public library), in the same neighborhood where the action was developed.


Aigua de Barri is a citizen science project that promotes the active participation of a group of young people who live in socially complex contexts to make them participants in social concerns and community processes. The data obtained will be used to know the particular relationship of the inhabitants of this neighborhood with water.



Museu de les Aigües

Associació Educativa Ítaca

Carlotta Cataldi

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