consCIÈNCIES a la plaça

In a plaza, there are some characters and an ephemeral device. A game questions the neighbors with situations in which the characters do not know what to do. There are a number of situations of gender violences.



Photo: Thomas Vilhelm


A performative action and a collective investigation have allied to know the interactions that occur in the public space with a gender perspective. The device and everything that surrounds it collects data and makes observations in the framework of a participatory research with the involvement of different groups of the city of Barcelona. Disciplines and diverse people have joined to form an ephemeral research group but with a shared objective: to know better the interactions that we have in the street and to know how they are from a gender perspective.


ConsCIÈNCIES a la plaça allows us to recognize the dynamics that occur in the street and the roles we take, awareness and reflection, and analyze the human relationships in these places from a gender perspective.


The project has been developed within the framework of the Biennal Ciutat i Ciènciaorganized by the City of Barcelona. It is a collaboration of OpenSystems with Nus Cooperativa and the feminist group of students and alumni of Elisava.



Nus Cooperativa


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