City Station

City Station is set in the proposal by the engineer and artist Natalie Jeremijenko and is the base for her Environmental Health Clinic in the public space of the city of Barcelona, in the Passatge Trullàs (District of Sant Martí). The Station consists of a series of infrastructures to carry out participatory actions in which the city’s people contribute actively to improving environmental health.



Photo: Claudia PM Santibáñez


Civic action takes, within the exhibition project After the End of the World, the form of a series of recipes related to improving soil and air quality, or increasing greenery and biodiversity, among other things. With the emphasis on the collective research and public participation that characterise citizen science, the Station has the support of the scientific community and local bodies and organisations. The Oficina de Ciència Ciutadana (Citizen science office) of the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona is also contributing to the project, particularly in the form of the International School of Citizen Science, with researchers from all over the world taking part in this collective effort.



Visitors to City Station will be able to take part in as many as 16 workshops. Prior registration is required to take part from Monday to Friday. At the weekend, they will be open to the public. Opening times will soon be posted on the web for consultation.



City Station is a coproduction of the CCCB and the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona, the Department of Ecology, Urban Design and Mobility of Barcelona City Council, and the District of Sant Martí. With the collaboration of Taula Eix Pere IV.

Environmental Health Clinic x Barcelona is a project by: Natalie Jeremijenko

Curatorship: Josep Perelló

Direction: Amanda Masha-Caminals

Space design: Guillermo Santomà

Space production: Torrecilla Espais

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Estació Ciutat


Centre de Cultura Contemporània

Institut de Cultura de Barcelona

Àrea d’Ecologia, Urbanisme i Mobilitat de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona

Districte de Sant Martí

Taula Eix Pere IV

Passatge Trullàs

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