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Henan Tianmin Seed Co.

Laboratory background and technical information:

Henan Tianmin Seed Co., Ltd is a hi-tech private enterprise incorporated with R&D and seed multiplication and marketing. With the registered capital of RMB 5 million Yuan, our company has 38 technicians of intermediate title and 13 senior scientists. Owing to our long-term breeding researches on “Super-high yield wheat” and “Super wheat”, we have strong independent innovation capabilities, broad international cooperation basis and have obtained outstanding R&D accomplishments of leading level both domestically and internationally.

Scientific personnel involved with the measure.

Mr. Tianmin Shen, graduated from Henan Agriculture University and majoring at plant genetic breeding, is currently the president and research coordinator general of Henan Tianmin Seed Co., Ltd. He has been working on high yield wheat breeding area for more than 40 years and has released more than 30 new wheat varieties and commercialized successfully. The “New Variety Breeding and Industrialization of Super wheat” Project leaded by him has been successfully listed in “National Key Scientific and Technological Project” of “Ninth-five-year Plan”, “Key intellectual introducing Project” of SAFEA, “National Foodstuff High-yield Technological Project” etc., also with broad and intensive joint research with researchers of 30 different wheat regions in the World, he has bred out new varieties of super wheat: Yumai 66, Lankao Aizao8 (Early Dwarf 8) released at the national level. These two varieties have achieved yields of 700kg/mu (10.5t/ha) for nine continuous years, ranking the top inside China. In Huang-huai wheat region, they have been spread for more than 43.7 million mus (3 million ha) 63 OPTICHINA – Part B with yield increase of 30.95 billion Kgs and newly increased social benefits of RMB 45.89 billion Yuan. Henan Tianmin Seed Company participates as a subcontractor in the EC INCO-MED research project OPTIMISE, which is coordinated by Prof. M. Parry (P2 in OPTICHINA) and has Prof. J.L. Araus (P1 in OPTICHINA) as other partner.

  • • Mr. Tianmin Shen (Commercial Breeding, Seed Company President), Henan Tianmin Seed Co., Ltd.Chengguan Town, Lankao County, 475300, Henan Province, China.
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