Migrations, law and systems of control


Barcelona and social rights of foreigners. Report on the exercise of rights to education of foreign children in primary school and health care of foreigners in the city


  • A. Fernández,
  • J. C. González Pont,
  • R. Luna,
  • E. La Torre,
  • H. Silveira (coord.),
  • M. Zangirolami.

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Guarantee of Rights and informative guide. Internment and expulsion of foreigners [in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Urdu and Arabic]


  • H. Silveira (coord.),
  • A. Fernández

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First Report about administrative procedures of detention, internment and expulsion of foreign in Catalunya


  • A. Fernández,
  • M. Monclús,
  • G. Nicolás Lazo,
  • H. Silveira (coord.)

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Staff and description


  • Héctor Silveira,
  • Antoni Fernández,
  • Cristina Fernández Bessa,
  • Andrés García Berrio,
  • Inés Celeste Arella.


  • Cristina Fernández Bessa.


  • Analyze the internal spaces of the prison and "administrative" foreign
  • Analyze the institutions of criminal justice system related to foreign persons
  • Oversee compliance with fundamental rights and the principle of strict legality
  • Report incompatibility of detention centers with the rule of law and human rights

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