Monitoring HIV, HCV, TB and Harm Reduction in Prisons: A Human Rights-Based Tool to Prevent Ill Treatment

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Gen Sanders (Harm Reduction International)

This tool has been developed by Harm Reduction International, in consultation with an Expert Committee, to assist human rights-based monitoring bodies in fulfilling their preventive mandate in the context of HIV, HCV, TB and harm reduction in prisons.

This monitoring tool is made up of indicators, presented as straightforward questions, which all derive from widely accepted public health and human rights standards. It also identifies the main elements of a strong and equitable health system that is
conducive to prisoners realising their human rights, especially in the context of HIV, HCV and TB.

While the content of the tool may appear largely health-related, no medical background or expertise is required for its use. Firmly rooted in human rights, the tool has several objectives that are inextricably linked. The first is to identify often overlooked situations and conditions relating to HIV, HCV, TB and harm reduction that can lead to ill treatment, therefore helping to prevent human rights violations before they occur. The second is to monitor and identify progress and obstacles in the implementation of prisoners’ human rights, and particularly their health-related rights. Consistent use of the tool should help human rights-based monitoring bodies fulfil their preventive mandates while leading prisoners to experience improvements in their health, treatment, and conditions of detention, as well as enhanced enjoyment of their human rights.


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