Penal system, juveniles and minors


Study on non-custodial measures in the juvenile justice system in Catalonia


  • M. Aedo,
  • J. Cabezas Salmerón (coord.),
  • H. Leyton,
  • M. Zangirolami.

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Staff and description


  • Jordi Cabezas Salmerón,
  • Francisca Cano.


  • Jordi Cabezas Salmerón


  • Analyze the operation of the criminal justice system in relation to children and young people in Catalonia
  • Contribute to improving the treatment currently dispenses on Juvenile Justice and Child, mainly by police and judicial discussion of the criteria established by the measures applied, the interventions and legislative developments
  • Contribute to the discussion towards the social and legal treatment of children as subjects of criminal liability
  • Develop proposals to improve the situation of the minor part of the juvenile justice system in Catalonia


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