Political culture and democratic values


The influence of the European extreme right political proposals or “lepenization” of spirits on Catalan municipal elections of 2007

Period : 2005-2008  En curs


  • J. Antón Mellón (coord.),
  • S. Cabezas Alcalá,
  • J. Lara Amat y León,
  • J. Velilla

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Media image and public opinion about to immigration in Spain and Catalunya


  • S. Cabezas,
  • J. Velilla.

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Staff and description


  • Joan Antón Mellón
  • Silvia Cabezas Alcalá
  • Joan Lara Amat y León
  • Albert García Guevara
  • Aitor Hernández-Carr
  • Xavier Torrens Llambrich


  • J. Anton Mellón


Empirical analysis of areas related to political culture and democratic values in contemporary societies. Using various methods such as discourse analysis and the comparative method. Conceptual apparatus and methodological tools are used in different areas of social sciences.

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