The OPSHR focus on a number of phenomena, such as: the expansion of the prison system; the increase in the use of prison penalties; inhuman treatment and torture; the internment and expulsion of foreigners; gender violence; local legislation for vigilance and public order; the culture of fear; the imprisonment of juveniles and under-aged people; "zero tolerance" policies; the "Fortress Europe"; the fragmentation of the Criminal System in administrative subsystems; emergency policies; the creation of secret and illegal prisons; the implementation of the cultures of insecurity and the enemy within the Rule of Law institutions; the alternative measures for solving social conflicts; proximity justice; the roll of jurisdiction within the criminal system and the consolidation of the cultures of punishment, control and exclusion inside the State's institutions, particularly the ones of the Criminal System.

A manThe OPSHR aspires to create instruments to allow people and social organizations gain more power in their fight against policies of control, security, social exclusion and illegality. To reach a society where every human being, no matter her/his sex, ethnicity, religion or ideology, can be recognized and respected as a person with rights, requires that people are truly autonomous, independent and free when facing those who hold the economic, social and political power.

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