Reports OSPDH

The Observatory of the Penal System and Human Rights has looked at and made visible realities which are frequently invisible. This Report permits the Observatory to be known and analysed from the inside and the outside of the University. In that respect, this Report is a way of reporting to the University and to society about the work done by professors and researchers of the UB with a strong compromise with Human Rights. Moreover, it constitutes the base where the future of the Observatory is understood and justified within the framework of an University, as the UB, which wants to play a main role in the development of knowledge while remains an institution politically committed, with social and public service vocation.

Màrius Rubiralta i Alcañiz, University of Barcelona Rector
Barcelona, 15th January 2008.

The work from within the University, the teaching and learning of the Scientific Community and the social roll that the University should fulfil, especially at this decisive moment, represent a challenge that the OPSHR takes on with great conviction. This is how the OPSHR looks, "observes", and tries to bring to light realities that -for different reasons- would normally remain hided from society. We are completely aware that, on some occasions, such results can be perturbing; however, we believe information cannot nor should be stopped. Taking this into account, the model of society that is being built and, in this way, the commitment in the defence of Human Rights, specially the ones pertaining to the poorer social sectors,constitute the main objective of our work.

Iñaki Rivera Beiras, OPSHR Director.



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