Resolution of conflicts and penal system


Mediation, and community diversity in the world today. Report of Research for action: coordination for the integration.


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What do those who say they "mediate" do?

Període : 2007-2009    En curs


  • R. Aranda,
  • J. Cardozo,
  • K. Cipolani,
  • G. Rodríguez Fernández (coord.),
  • V.  Solera.

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Staff and description


  • G. Rodríguez,
  • V. Solera,
  • B. Hermoso Rico,
  • Josetxo.


  • G. Rodriguez Fernandez


  • Investigate the type of intervention that promote / generate states around mediation and conciliation of disputes criminal and / or community
  • See the effects of these mechanisms of action in restricting / expanding the network of social control
  • Check what are the effects of such intervention mechanisms in the human rights of victims and offenders within and outside the criminal process
  • An opinion towards the inclusion of regulatory systems of criminal conflict management / community at local, regional, national and European
  • To examine whether compliance with minimum principles that inform the ethics of conflict resolution, mediation schemes in force
  • To examine the effects of policies related to criminal mediation processes on recovery and resilience of crime victims.
  • Consider means of resolving conflicts on the basis of criminal sociology criminal law
  • Assess the regulations on mediation in light of the philosophy of criminal law and sociology.
  • Act as observer of compliance with European recommendations on conflict resolution in criminal matters and communit


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