Roberto Bergalli passed away

Condolences: Roberto Bergalli 

We are sorry to inform you that today, Monday 4 May, Roberto Bergalli passed away.

Roberto has been a wonderful teacher and friend. We have been fortunate to have known his wisdom, his love and a commitment to social justice - for which he paid a very high price in his life and yet knew how to transmit through his words and writings, always with unparalleled insight and coherence.

A survivor of the concentrationist universe of Argentina's last civil-military dictatorship, Roberto's exile in Spain was the beginning of a critical direction for the sociology of criminal law at the University of Barcelona. His action enriched free speech and critical knowledge, and brought together generations of students, researchers and people who were committed to challenging a status quo that Bergalli always questioned with remarkable rigour.

We would like to send our condolences to Roberto's daughter, Valeria, and partner, Serena, who were with him until his last moments. From the Observatory of the Penal System and Human Rights of the University of Barcelona, the study and research centre that he helped to found, we send our deepest sympathies.

Your life, Roberto, your work, your creation, will always be with us.

Goodbye! Rest in peace.


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