To Roberto (by Iñaki Rivera)




So many times I've thought about what to say to you when you leave

And now I can't find the words...

But now that I know that with your departure my duel is complete

(after the most important absences of my life),

I think I finally know what that's about, which is nothing else

 to (try to) inhabit the void in which one is orphaned.


But fortunately, my orphanage seeks you out, and finds you,

In so many memories, affections, laughs, jokes, acts, books, glances and complicities.

Many years, many struggles and many friendships that constituted me as a human being.

And all this leads me to remember you in a beautiful image of light, guidance and teaching

in the most primary and fullest sense of the term.


Hasta siempre, Roberto!


Iñaki Rivera Beiras, May 04, 2020


Dos campus d'Excel·lència Internacional