SIRECOVI presentation. Law School, UB, 5 maig

Registration and Communication System of Institutional Violence (SIRECOVI)
May 5, 2016, 11:30 Saló de Graus. law School, (UB)
31 years after the adoption of the UN's Convention Against Torture, this acts persistently continue to exist. The permanence of situations of torture in ¾ parts of the world (Amnesty International, 2014), requires creative proposals that represent real solutions for prevention, reaction and also the systematization of cases in order to monitore them The Observatory of the Penal System and Human Rights (OSPDH) of the University of Barcelona, ​​throughout its 15 years of work in researching  institutions of the penal system and promoting human rights, has identified serious inefficiencies in the concrete and immediate response against this situations of institutional violence. Also, there are difficulties in obtaining complete and current information about the real dimensions of the phenomenon. In order to meet these deficiencies, the Projects and Innovation Unit from the Deprivation of liberty and human rights Area has designed a Registration and Communication System of Institutional Violence (SIRECOVI), which focuses on giving response to this critical points for prevention, monitoring and systematization of situations.
Organised by: Observatory of the Penal System i Human Rights (UB)
Target audience: Teachers / and researchers / ace of the University of Barcelona
Dr. Josep A. Plana Castellvi, Vice-Chancellor (Grup UB, i ICT Common Services, UB)
Dra. Mar Campins, Associate Dean for Research and International Relations, Faculty of Law (UB)
Dr. J.J. Queralt, Director of Tranjus
Dr. Jaume Saura, member of the Catalan Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture, Ombudsman.
Dr. Iñaki Rivera, OSPDH Director
Dra. Monica Aranda,OSPDH researcher 

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