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Laboratory staff

Miguel Garc├ęs Scientific Supervisor (UB)
Santiago Giralt Scientific Supervisor (CSIC)
Elisabet Beamud Laboratory Supervisor
Estefania Maestre Laboratory Technician
Former members
Luis Valero now at University of Geneva
Mireia Barrachina Laboratory Technician


For users

The lab offers two modalities of measurements: either conducted by the technical staff or a self-service use of facilities. During self-service measurements technical staff trains the user on the use of the equipment and provides supervision during the analyses.


When publishing results of the research conducted at the Paleomagnetic Laboratory in scientific journals, reports, books, conference proceedings, etc.,please add the following line to the acknowledgements section:

Thanks to the Paleomagnetic Laboratory CCiTUB - GEO3BCN CSIC where the paleomagnetic analyses were conducted